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Flaxseed oil also popularly known as the Linseed oil is extremely nutritious as it is loaded with dietary fiber, Vitamin B1, manganese, Omega 3, essential fatty acids in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)and micronutrients. The fatty acids which form an essential component of the oil are healthy for the body’s overall functioning. It results in healthier skin, hair, brain functioning, heart etc. It’s nutty and slightly sweet flavor also makes it ideal cooking oil and can be easily absorbed by the body. Nutriorg brings to you premium quality certified organic flaxseed oil which is hygienically extracted from organically grown and cultivated flaxseeds. It has added advantage for your health since it is multi faceted oil and is organically grown.


It is found people who eat a diet rich in ALA are less likely to have fatal heart attacks.
It also greatly improves the common skin disorder of eczema.
It is a natural food that fights off the problem of cellulite as it helps improve the collagen production.
It offers easy and natural constipation relief by acting as a lubricant to the colon.
It aids in weight loss as it also serves as a natural laxative.
It helps the skin repair naturally and reduces inflammation of any kind.


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