Nutriorg Jamun Juice - 500 ml


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Jamun has low glycemic index which keeps blood sugar levels under check as well as cures common diabetic symptoms and complications.

Being rich in iron makes it a good blood purifier and ensures oxygenated blood supply throughout the body .

It is beneficial for eye and skin because of its substantial amount of Vitamin C and also keeps its acne free.

It strengthens the teeth and gums as it has anti- bacterial properties and prevents them from various infections.

Potassium content in the juice prevents the cardiovascular strokes to a large extent and keeps away hypertension.

Being a good antioxidant it prevents free radicals from harming the body, infections and premature aging of the person.

Its regular intake cures irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, bleeding hemorrhoids etc.

Its juice can be applied as an ointment over the problem of ringworms which it effectively treats.

Daily intake of the juice sharpens the memory, treats anemia and sexual weaknesses.

How to Consume:

Mix 30 ml of Nutriorg Jamun Juice with 3 parts of Luke warm water and consumed Twice a day Morning and evening empty stomach. Consume regularly for better results

Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 30 days.


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