Nutriorg Sesame Oil White (Glass Bottle) - 500 ml


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Sesame oil is known as the 'Queen of oils' for its healing properties as mentioned in the vedas. Nutriorg provides certified organic sesame oil which is extracted from organically produced sesame seeds. It is one of the healthier options compared to normal vegetable oil options. The sesame seeds are primarily grown in Africa and Indian subcontinent. It is relatively popular as it is cheap to extract the oil. It is also used in Asian, Japanese, Chinese and Middle Eastern cuisines due to its multiple benefits. The sesame oil has a good amount of Vitamins, minerals, organic compounds and other crucial ingredients which make it a healthier choice.


 It increases skin elasticity and smoothness as it is rich in zinc. It is also beneficial in reducing age- spots and reduce early onset of skin aging symptoms. 

It has traditionally been used to improve hair health. It is beneficial in reducing the problem of hair loss and also regular use helps darken hair color. Its anti- bacterial properties also help fight problems related to scalp.

It is rich in calcium, zinc and copper which help maintain bone and ensures sturdy bones. Regular consumption of sesame oil helps ensure this. To a large extent it can help delay onset of osteoporosis problem and several age related problems.

It contains a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids like sesamol and sesamin which keep the cholesterol levels low thereby maintaining cardiac health.

It is useful in maintaining oral health by lowering dental plaque. It also has powerful anti- bacterial properties which maintain the dental health. 

Sesame oil is useful for those fighting anxiety and depression. It is advised they should include it in their dietary intake.

It has high levels of magnesium in it which is helpful in keeping a check on some forms of cancer.


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