Nutriorg Sunflower Oil (Glass Bottle) - 500 ml


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Sunflower oil has been used for cooking since ages, it is a non-volatile oil that is extracted from sunflower seeds. Its composition makes it one of the healthiest oils for not only consumption but also its application on the hair and skin. The main component of sunflower oil is linoleic oil apart from oleic oil and palmitic acid and also sizeable amount of Vitamin A, D & E. The pale yellow color oil has a mild taste. Nutriorg brings to you authentic certified organic sunflower oil which is hygienically extracted from organically grown and cultivated sunflower crop. Being extremely light with high content of polyunsaturated fat, it is often preferred over other oils for the purpose of cooking. It has added advantage for your health since it is multi faceted oil and is organically grown.


It is low in saturated fat and high in Vitamin E and phtyochemicals like choline and phenolic acid that is beneficial for heart health. 

Researchers have found that sunflower oil is most beneficial in cure of rheumatoid arthritis.

The presence of Vitamin E in the oil keeps asthma in check and also keeps in check the free radicals in the body.

It is rich in polyunsaturated fat which keeps the ideal LDL level which helps lower the cholesterol level in the body.

The oil contains proteins which are helpful in building and repairing the tissues and the production of hormones and enzymes.

Vitamin B content in the oil promotes healthy nervous system and aids in digestion while providing energy to the body


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