Nutriorg Triphala Juice - 500 ml


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Nutriorg Triphala Juice gives you this boon of health in its 100% natural triphala juice with its amazing benefits to your overall health-

• It detoxifies the body by removing fatty tissues and being a natural laxative it thoroughly cleanses the body of wastes.
• Purifies the blood and controls its sugar levels
• Produce more red blood cells as it cleanses the body and propels the production.
• It promotes better eye-sight even for those who have trouble with sight and prevents acne.
• It is most effective in curing gall- stones, anemia and gastro- intestinal conditions.
• Makes hair stronger, promotes their growth and makes them shinier.
• It is also ideal for those wanting to lose weight.

Shelf Life:

Best Before 18 month from Manufacturing.

Direction for Use: 

Mix 30ml of Triphala Juice with 3 parts of lukewarm water and consume empty stomach twice a day (morning and evening) in a non metallic pot. 

Once opened, Refrigerate and consume within 30 days. 


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