Nutriorg Tulsi Ark (Made from 5 Types of Tulsi) - 30 ml


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• Nutriorg Tulsi ark is made from 5 types of Tulsi Rama Tulsi, Shama Tulsi, Shwet Tulsi And Nimbu Tulsi Mixed in a very effective proportion.

• Nutriorg Tulsi Ark has Lots of health benefits. Scientists have also acknowledge the medicinal properties of Tulsi. Nutriorg Tulsi may help to keep away the deadly fevers like dengue, Malaria, and other types of fever. Nutriorg Tulsi Ark health benefit includes oral care,relief from respiratory disorder.

• Nutriorg Tulsi Ark helps in asthma, lung disorder and stress. Also helps in removes the impurities of blood and increase the Immunity.

• Nutriorg Tulsi Ark helps in controlling blood pressure, Diabetic and cholesterol. Nutriorg Tulsi ark has anti-bacterial and anti- Viral properties.

• How to consume Nutriorg Tulsi Ark:- Drink 1 drop of Nutriorg Tulsi Ark in one glass (200ml) Water 3 to 5 times of day for better results. Or add 5drops of tulsi ark in 1 liter Water bottle and consume as you require


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